Plastic Barrels For Sale

plastic barrels

Plastic barrels for sale are the cheapest rain barrels that you can find at the store. Due to its low weight, these eco friendly barrels are easy to transport and set it up on a stand if need be. In most cases, these plastic barrels are originally used for other purposes including the storage of chemicals. When you get one of these barrels, it is wise to first check and be sure what was originally in it. You will need to do a through cleaning using cleaning reagents or something even chemicals that remove original chemicals stored in the barrel.

We all know that plastic is an excellent material in making home containers and other facilities used indoors or outdoors. While reading a blog recently, I came across a post of someone who thinks that plastic barrels made from recycled plastic are “impractical” and that they do not give that “nice look” to a house or yard. Is this correct?

Although 50 gallon rain barrels made of recycled plastic are the most affordable way to harvest rain water, most people do not make them the most preferred material for water collection container. There are many 50 gallon rain barrels made of recycled plastics and they are very practical for this purpose contrary to what most people may think.

Blue plastic barrels for sale


These plastic drums and barrels come ready made and fully designed; they do not need further modification or setting up before they are used. A good thing about plastic barrels for sale is that they are durable and can withstand most extreme weather conditions compared to most other materials.

There are a variety of different people that work on their gardens for long periods of time. These people have also been faced with issues that pertain to not having enough water. This is because many of these people live in drought zones where they have many different types of water rules that have to be adhered to.

I’t sad to say, that many of these gardeners tend to give up gardening simply because they cannot provide enough water to keep their plants healthy. In this article you will discover a way that you can provide much needed water for your garden by using rain plastic barrels available for sale. These barrels are extremely unique because they can be placed on the side of a building, and set up in a way that they can collect all the rainwater needed for your garden.

50 gallon rain barrel


The process is quite simple and in fact very unique because once the rain barrels has beed set up – the water can be directed in any location of the garden a person chooses. If you haven’t already done so, the first step would be to obtain a rain barrel. What many people use are the old wine drums that can be found in wineries, but there are other barrels that can be used such as the large 50 gallon plastic barrels that are used in many facilities that store all types of liquids.

plastic barrel drumSetting up your best plastic barrel will consist of providing an opening in the top for water to drain in. Normally if you’re setting the them on the side of the building, you want the rain gutter to empty into the top of the barrel.

On the plastic barrel itself, you want to measure of at least 10 inches from the bottom, and this is where you will place your plastic drum bulkhead fitting in order for your water to drain from your barrel when you need it.

if you are not familiar with a drum bulkhead fitting, these can be found at your local hardware stores or home improvement centers. These are actually pretty neat because they can be fitted into your barrel and then you can run your pipe from your bulkhead out to the garden.


You can also add a shutoff valve that will allow you to turn the water on and off as you need it. This can be mounted right on the bulkhead itself making it more of a faucet type fixture. Once your plastic barrels for sale has been set up properly against the building, and your gutter down pipe is placed properly inside the barrel for distributing water, then your barrel is ready for water collection which will allow you to water your garden when the dry time of the season comes. You’ll also want to make sure that you put a cover over the top of your barrel that will ensure your water doesn’t evaporate. This will keep the sunlight out and allow your water to sit comfortably until the times comes when you need to use it.

Sometime ago, blue plastic barrels for sale were very easy to find, in fact they were given away free. However, as their popularity increased and recycled plastic being the new hype in the current society, the barrels gradually found a place in the market and became one of the most preferred barrels materials. Compared to other alternative materials, these earth friendly rainbarrels have many benefits for the homeowener.

For instance, if the plastic barrels are set up above the ground and there is an accident where the barrel falls off, barrels made of plastic have lesser chances of breaking or even deforming compared to other materials. Supporting it off the ground is easy, thanks to its low weight. The plastic that makes rain barrels is not light, it is actually very strong and can withstand almost any natural weather condition.

55 gallon blue plastic barrel


Plastic Barrels For Sale

Plastic barrels are available for sale in different places both online and offline. They’re cheaper than the typical drum pattern. Barrels that are ready purchased, comes with a lid. The decision to use 55 gallon plastic drum is not just a smart money decision; it is also a greatplastic water barrel for sale
resource on the planet.

Barrels can be purchased at several new
places. If you really want to do something good for the environment, look for a barrel made from recycled materials.

A lot of drums does not actually  appear to be a barrel in any way. The drums are not always free to have a cover that is not a big deal. You can use a screen type material on top to prevent animals from land and small, or just make your own wood or plastic.

The water inside is neat and is more preferable as compared to normal water resource mainly because it is not refined. And plastic barrel can also be gotten online from Amazon, Ebay etc.

Food Grade Plastic Barrels

Food grade plastic barrels are great for the use of food packaging and doesn’t have any sort of chemical dyes as well as dangerous toxins that can be found in nutrition or h2o. Important: if it doesn’t state  on the drum that is food grade, then understand that is not!

Food Grade Plastic Drum


The materials that are used to manufacture them must be PET or PVC which are both FDA approved. The question in a consumer’s mind would be – how to plastic stackable containers made from PET and PVC materials guarantee quality over the regular containers? Listed below are the benefits:

Strong, Durable and Eco-Friendly

food grade plastic barrelsThe high impact strength of these food grade plastic barrels prevents them from cracking or breaking easily. Their minimized wear and tear makes them ideal for daily use. These containers can be reused and recycled. Clear and visible food grade plastic barrels for sale that are made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), ensure that the containers are clear and not tinted.

Note: Low grade food grade barrels for sale that are colored may be cheaper and more attractive, but they may be using dyes or pain that may, over a period of time, chip off or bleed into the food products, thereby releasing their toxins into the food.

Safety and Convenience in Handling Foods

  • FDA approval provides the guarantee that these food grade 55 gallon drums can be used safely for and around the food and other edibles without adding any toxic chemicals to the environment. Thesebarrel pumps containers with threaded lids allow more security as they require some effort to open and close. This helps prevent accidental opening or spills food grade 55 gallon drum with lids also come with snap on lids which can be easily snapped on and off for speedy access.
  • They have wider mouths for filling or pouring out contents. This also gives easier access to the contents within. Another option used in plastic stackable containers is tamper proof lids which allow only the consumer to open it and any form of tampering can be identified by the condition of the lids.

Variety and Cost Effective

  • Food grade plastic barrels come in a variety of shapes and sizes with wide mouths for ease of filling and emptying. The shapes range from squares, rounds, hexagons, hand grips, pinch grips, to tubs and barrels for storing larger volumes.

Rainwater storage

If you are planning on watering your lawn with water from the barrel used food grade plastic water barrels are an appropriate choice. If you are planning to use the water as emergency water for humans then purchasing a new plastic barrel designed specifically for water storage is likely the most appropriate choice. These are only general guidelines though. In some cases details may prove other options to be a better choice.

55 Gallon Plastic Drum For Sale

55 gallon plastic drum barrel55 gallon plastic drums are for sale in various places both online and offline shops. One of the best way to keep your garden alive during a drought is to take preventive measures.

Sometimes, a drought can be predicted well in advance, or those who have already experienced a drought will be provided several weeks of heavy rain. When this occurs, you should take the opportunity to create several 55 gallon plastic drum barrels. Many people think that would be stupid. But you can save gallons of water and requires little work.

To locate the 55 gallon plastic barrels for sale will probably be the hardest part. You can use your own trash or head to the store to get some 55 gallon plastic drums that are for sale. These can be expensive and difficult to transport, so keep in mind before going to market. You probably do not want to cover the top of the barrel with sort of screen to filter out unwanted leaves or debris that may fall from the roof of your house.


Once you have your rain plastic barrels ready, you are faced with the decisiono place them. Usually during rainfall is an angle or segment of the house that the rain tends to pour. If you use a simple approach to barrel placement, just place the 55 gallon barrel in all the places where we see a large amount of drops. While this might be the easiest way to invest in them, you will see large amounts of rain barrels.

The use of 55 gallon drums of water might seem outdated idea. However, when you’re in the midst of drought, and you can save that extra couple of gallons of your garden, in addition to the provisioning of the city, you can be thankful for every bit of time and money is used to collect all the rain. For more information about 55 gallon plastic drum click here.

50 Gallon Rain Barrel

When it comes to 50 gallon rain barrels you can find every size, shape, color and style you can imagine. With environmental concerns currently making headlines all over the world, water conservation is fast becoming an important concern. Whether you are presently in the midst of a drought in your area or you are currently experiencing a lot of rain, 50 gallon rain plastic barrels can have a significant on your water consumption and its impact on the environment.

50 Gallon Rain Barrel


When water obviously being a precious commodity and an increasingly scarce resource, rain barrels allow you to harvest rainwater and thereby make more efficient use of it as an available water source. Aside from helping you significantly reduce your water consumption, the water you collect in this 50 gallon plastic barrels for sale is also ideally suited for a number of uses. Since rainwater is generally pure and soft, it is ideal of irrigation purposes around the home.

gallon drumCollecting water in rain water barrels will allow you to lessen your consumptions of water from the water mains system, thereby saving you a considerable amount of money in water costs. In additional, you will be less dependent on the water supply in your area, which is particulary important concern for people that live in places that have limited water supply.

A further benefit is that you have a lot more water available to you, which can be used in anything from watering your lawn to washing your cars and windows. It is clear that 50 gallon plastic barrels can have a greatly beneficial impact on your water consumption…and consequently, your impact on the environment…as well as reducing the amount of money that you spend on water utility bills. Using plastic barrels for sale at your home will also help educate your children on how to save water, and possibly give them a lesson in water conservation that they will carry with them for a lifetime.