30 Gallon Plastic Drum

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30 gallon plastic drumIf you’re looking for a 30 gallon plastic drum, I’m here to help you find the best one for you. Plastic drums are barrels made of plastic that are available in market in different sizes and colors. Their shape is drum like, which is why they have ample space inside them.

They are basically containers and have a wide number of uses. Plastic is a material that can withstand great internal pressure. Not just that, it can be found in cheaper rates in the market and can be recycled.

So, basically the drums are environmental friendly, and they can go on for a long time. Usually the 30 gallon plastic drum has dimensions of almost 19″x19″x31″ and has a capacity of 30 gallons. The weight depends on its dimensions and shapes.


The 30 gallon plastic drum can be used for storing liquids such as water, oil, petroleum etc. Transportation of these materials is generally carried out in plastic drums because of the elastic qualities of plastic. The drums can be of two types open top and plastic barrels with lid. The one with closed lid is usually safer than the latter.

Due to the water repellent qualities of plastic, a wide number of powdered things are also kept in them for long periods.

Advantages of using 30 gallon plastic drums

The 30 gallon plastic drums have numerous advantages. For example, it can be filled with heavy stones and used for guarding the gates. These barrels if cleaned can be used to store rice and flour. Another advantage of the drums with plastic material is that they can be cut into different materials for various purposes.

Yellow density plastic drum


The plastic drum can be used in making small tunnels. These uses are however not mainstream. There is one disadvantage. If the plastic drums are compared with drums made of other materials like steel and metals, plastic barrels might not be able to withstand a large external pressure.

BPA Free Drum Barrel Pump

plastic barrel drum pump


During transportation, if the 300 gallon plastic drum falls for any anonymous reason, the pressure with which it hits the ground might cause the plastic barrel to burst. Due to this reason, other materials are considered to be more appropriate and safe especially for transportation. However they are pretty expensive.

Eagle Blue High Density 30 Gallon Drum

One of the best 30 gallon plastic drums is the 1601MB Polyethylene Drum by Eagle. The drum is of a vibrant blue color and has a wide capacity of 30 gallons. Its height is 28.5″ and its diameter is 21.25″. It also has a metallic lid over the top with a lever lock, which makes it pretty safe for keeping things.

The weight of this product is 18 pounds. And it does not even cost much, actually it is pretty inexpensive. This US based company is quite popular for making one of the best engineering goods.

Eagle 1601 30-gallon drum


The customer reviews regarding this product have been amazing. Most of the people gave the product a five star. It is because of the fact, that the quality of this product is great. If an edible is stored inside it, there won’t be any plastic-like taste to it. The lid on the top makes it super safe. It has an extraordinary reputation when it comes to dust collecting system.

Due to its excellence, the company did not need to do much about the marketing of product, the success stormed through the satisfaction of users. It is highly recommended, not just by one person, but the whole fan group who are happy to have it in their houses.

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