55 Gallon Plastic Drum

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55 gallon plastic drum usedAre you thinking of getting a 55 gallon plastic drum? Do you need a quality barrels for a lowest price possible? I can help you with that! In this post I will review top rated plastic barrels and find the best deals and offers that are available online

But, maybe you are a gardener who has a great source of water? Then think of yourself as very lucky. There are many of us who live in areas of dry garden and the rules of lawn watering are very constrictive to the healthy growth of plants and gardens.

Many people just give up when they discover how few gallons of water, they are allowed to use, but some of us just find ways to deal with less water. Anyways, the 55 gallon plastic drum could be your answer to your worries.


Water conservation should be everyone’s job. If you don’t want to be called a “tree-hugger” then think of this challenge as a way to save money. Every once and a while, the two go hand-in-hand. Everyone knows to fix a leaky faucet or to not take long showers, but how many of us can come up with the ways to save water outside?

The best solution is a plastic 55 gallon drum. About 50 – 70% of all water use is for outside watering of your lawn and garden. Why not use the run-off from your roof to irrigate your petunias, roses and lawns? These are so simple to make and can easily be put up in a single Saturday afternoon. Typically 55 gallon plastic drums are used, but there are also some decorative designs which will not only save water, but add appeal to your landscape.

55 Gallon Drums Wiht Barrel Linings


55 gallon plastic drums often leak and become environmental hazards, but it does not have to happen in this way. I propose using the interior plastic CDF style liners which will be a ceramic coating on the both interior and exterior of the molded lining. The 55 gallon drums will also be coated with ceramic coating.

This way the drums will last 50 – 100 years out in the open as they will not rust from the outside
and the liner of glass coated plastic will hold in the liquid without leaking. Imagine the benefits of this to our ground water supplies.

Dumped 55 gallon plastic drums have beed one of the largest issues of soil and ground water contamination. Often old contaminated fuel, hydraulic fluids, pesticides and chemicals have been dumped in the middle of fields.

The biggest problem is that even diesel fuel; one gallon can pollute 1 million gallons of fresh water. Humans or farm animals can develp diseases quite easily from such things.

If we use liners and special coatings, we can insure that such barrels several decades longer and this will prevent their leakage.

Plastic Or Steel Drums

The Dangers of Steel Drums

Steel DrumsWhile steel drums are considered durable in structural integrity, they are predisposed to severe corrosion and rust. When they are recycled, they need to be repainted and other costly means just to be able to extend their use.

Before, drums like these were often made of contain hazardous waste materials and buried in fields or stored in open spaces.

Through the years, these drums corroded and leaked, severely polluting its surrounding. Now, they have become icons of pollution despite their widespread utility and ubiquity.


Why use 55 gallon plastic drums instead?

The 55 gallon plastic drum industry was born. Plastic entered into all other possible areas of packaging due to its capability to be molded into various shapes and sizes. Its resistance to alkaline and acids, its being 100% rust proof and insusceptible to different weather conditions, and its wide acceptance in almost all levels of various consumer markets.

In the late 1970s for instance, when advanced polymer was engineered, it brought high strength and high impact polyethylene resins to the industry which enabled plastic makers to conquer the huge industrial drum arena.

Today, the 55 gallon plastic drum industry enjoys a large market share, even though it is in it early development years. Despite its seeming infancy, it has already made great leaps in the past few years ever since technologically advanced plastic resins brought the benefits of plastic to the final bastion of metal container storage.

55 Gallon Plastic Drum For Sale

best 55 gallon drum plastic

The great success attained by the plastic drum industry in such a short time has influenced other leading U.S. container manufacturers to follow the lead. Their European counterparts were also quick to recognize this and enter the market. And now, more and more companies are acknowledging the fact that as opposed to their steel counterparts, 55 gallon plastic drum are not only more economical, but are also a lot safer to use.

They offer leak-free guarantee and are therefore beneficial to the environment. So fi you were to apply the same principle in your respective companies and homes, what would you choose? One of the 55 gallon plastic drum for sale online is Emergency Essential Watter Barrel

Emergency Essentials Watter Barrel – 55 Gallon Plasic Drum


  • Emergency Essentials Watter Barrel are free of BPA (phthalates).
  • Also use printed packaging PET or PETE-1.
  • Helps to purify and remove algae growth or slime.


55 gallon plastic barrel


Storing water for emergency purposes depends on how many members of the household there are. A person can approximately consume two gallons of water a day.

Knowing this, you already have an idea of the volume of water to be stored and how long do you plan on storing. Emergency water storage tanks come in various sizes fit for you and your household’s needs.

55 gallon rain barrels are basically water tanks meant to collect and store rain water. With the active propagation of environmental conservationists and green activists, the idea is getting routs in the society because it is Eco-friendly. These plastic barrels are made with easily fixable kits. Since we are facing depletion of ground water, it would be wise to conserve rain and use it at a later stage.

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