Food Grade Plastic Barrels

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Regardless of how appealing the style and layout of a food grade plastic barrel is, homeowner should be always aware of its cleanliness. Imagine this: rain drops from the atmosphere, the way it drops down to your roof, it already collected a considerable amount of chemicals in our polluted air.

Once it touched down our roofs, some bird droppings can be collected and down it goes to our houses downspouts and into our barrel. That premise alone is enough for the household from restricting themselves from using barrel water as substitute to drinking water.

Aside from the rain water components, one thing that homeowners should be attentive to is certainly how the rain barrel is constructed. Make sure that your rain barrel if food grade plastic made as they are harmless for holding palatable goods.


However you can find other sorts of food grade plastic barrels that aren’t appropriate in order to use them as a food grade drums. It could be a specific fruit or vegetable which have a very stong smell and that will impact on the water fragrance without a doubt!

food grade plastic barrels


Uses of 55 gallon food grade plastic barrels

Rainwater storage

55 gallon seal lidThere is little more precious in life than water. There are times nearly everywhere that the flow of running water is interrupted. There are also places where there are restrictions on use of running water to water lawns and gardens.

In short time the grass and vegetation that you care for can be damaged. Food grade plastic barrels have long been the answer for many who have faced such problems.

There is significant separation among the water barrels that are available though. Some are sold used and some are new. Some intended applications may allow for used barrels, but in some cases it is simply better to choose a new water barrel. In addition to new and used options being available there are a variety of sizes that are available.

The best way to determine which size is the best choice for you is to assess your needs. Your approach to that is dependent on your intended application, but there is a wealth of information to help you determine your needs.

Emergency water barrel kit


Lastly there are different colors available. Some water barrels are colored intentionally to limit light and heat absortion. This is done to reduce the growth of contaminants in the water stored in the barrel. Considering this prior to purchasing a barrel is a good idea.

Food grade plastic barrels for sale can prove to be an invaluable safety precaution. They can also foodgrade plastic drumeffectively reduce water consumption by capturing and storing rain water to later water vegetation.

Some can be found at surprisingly low costs considering the length of time that they are often able to serve the purpose. As with most things learning a bit before making the choice can serve you well. Food grade plastic barrels are for sale in both online and local shops, one of the product of food grade 55 gallon drum is;

Good Ideas Big Blue Recycled Rain Barrel


  • 55 gallon capacity; food grade barrel
  • Blue color reduces algae
  • Filter. The most important thing that your water collection device should have is a filter to help keep out debris such as leaves and to keep mosquitoes from breeding the the collected water.
  • House connection. You will want to be able to connect a hose towards the bottom of your water harvesting barrel to facilitate use of the water in the barrel. It is much easier and more efficient to simply turn on a hose than to open the rain barrel and dip in a watering can or bucket to collect the water.
  • Overflow valve. If your barrel is near the foundation of your house, it is especially important to ensure adequate removal of overflow water. If it does not have an overflow valve you can wind up with damage to your foundation or erosion of the soil around the barrel.

55 gallon food grade plastic drum


The rainy season is fast approaching and it is time that we use our natural resources. A big blue 55 rain food grade barrel would be a fabulous way to start. By collecting the water running off of our roof, we could then provide our lawns and gardens with clean water.

Water is such a precious commodity in many areas that we must do our best to preserve what water we are blessed to have.

A 55 rain barrel, very simply, is known as a process which gathers and also holds rain water streaming from your roof. Water which could typically be redirected to storm drains is now kept to be used in watering the garden. A typical food grade plastic barrel is created from the following; 55-gallon drum, vinyl hose, PVC couplings and a screen gate to keep debris out. It is a simiu and inexpensive product which sits conveniently under your gutter down spout.

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